​Now available for hire for weddings. It is a garden for all seasons with deciduous and evergreen plants. At this stage most of the walking paths are grass. Selected natives are mixed with exotic trees. A Pinetum of 20 different species of pine, many grown from seed, is established on the lower reaches. Each season brings its own show of stunning colour and foliage.

The 4 hectare site adjoining Gembrook township was purchased in the early 1970's when a farm was sub-divided. The land was all cleared at the time. Gums were planted and the perimeter fencing installed and the land was used for cattle grazing for the next 16 years.

Some small areas were fenced off, the house built and the now mature exotic trees were planted. A wide variety of trees have been planted since 2000 when all the cattle grazing ceased. The shade provided by the initial planting now shelters rhododendrons and maples. Bulbs have been planted, rocks added from 2003 onwards to create a new dimension.